Dear friends in the Diocese and beyond,
As you know I have been busy with my pastoral tours – ‘goon on pylgrymage’, as  Chaucer put it.
We inaugurated the Archdeaconry of St Mary in Vereeniging two weeks ago and the Archdeaconry of St Cyprian yesterday in Sharpeville on Human Rights Day.
The Archdeaconry of St Cyprian includes Orange Farm so it was great to visit St Monica’s today for a combined Baptism and Confirmation for their three congregations. When we first went there in 1989 we knocked on a nearby door to find Mrs Mbele holding a meeting of the Mothers’ Union in her home; that was the start of the congregation and of Lesedi la Kreste School because the ladies told us how badly the community needed schools. It was specially moving from that tiny beginning to meet today in that lovely building with at least 250 worshippers plus some 50 more in the Sunday School; to baptise 20 adults and to confirm about 45. Then to administer Communion to Mrs Mbele who is still there...
And today’s Gospel was about the seed falling into the ground and bearing much fruit. It certainly felt like that this morning.
This was my 20th pastoral visit since Ash Wednesday, in 33 days. It has been so joyful. From here life gets very busy with another 12 before Easter, and the inauguration of St Andrew’s next week in Boipatong, after the MU’s great service for Lady Day.
Please pray for your clergy as they attend the Eucharist of the Oils and the Renewal of Clergy Vows on Maundy Thursday at Eldorado Park, and as they bear the heavy ministry of these weeks. We have decided to make five more honorary canons as part of our thanksgiving, and four of these will be welcomed on that day – Horace MacBride, Israel Qwelane, Evelyn Keartland and Johannes Thulo. The Chapter were very kind in insisting that Gill Lee should be included, and I have licensed her already at the Walkerville service last week because she has duties as a school chaplain on that day. 
May the Lord bless you as we continue this journey of thanksgiving.