To the Diocese of Christ the King

I would like to thank all of you for your love and support over a very long time, and especially in this glorious anniversary year of 2015.
From the great service at Eldorado Park with Archbishop Thabo on Valentine’s Day through to the joyful gathering in Vanderbijlpark in the week of the Christ the King Festival, we have celebrated and given thanks, reflected carefully on our life and witness as Christians together in this area, and rededicated ourselves to the service of Christ going forward.
I personally love the Advent season because it seems like the Christians are getting ahead of the secular world, beginning our new year in worship and reflection before the sometimes meaningless parties on New Year’s Eve. So after our celebrations we are starting again by the grace of God and needing to look forward.

I am asking you to pray for a number of big challenges in the coming year.
Firstly the Diocese of Virginia in the United States, with whom we have travelled for many years, has asked us to share with them some of our experience of racism as they grapple with the racial violence which has gripped the US this year, and which poses challenges to the witness of the Church. That is a difficult assignment which we will be undertaking as a team of 6 of us in January.
Secondly I have called a short session of Synod in February to prepare for Provincial Synod later in the year. We will use that weekend also to dedicate one of our new projects and to give thanks together for it.

Synod will also be preparing for the change of Bishop which is appropriate after this long time and after our year of celebration. According to the Canons I have asked the Synod of Bishops to allow me to retire on 30 June 2016, which will be the anniversary of both my Ordination to the Priesthood, and my Enthronement as Bishop of this Diocese in 1990. The Bishops have agreed. The Archbishop has set the date for the election of my successor as 8-10 June. You will hear more about that in due course.
Meanwhile thank you again for the privilege of being your Bishop and let us keep on ploughing together until a new team takes over.
Sincerely in Christ
                    +Peter: Christ the King