Dear all,
Most of our dates have been diarised but the Training Committee has been reflecting on the work we need to do together through the middle of the year, particularly in regard to revising our policies on Baptism and Confirmation, Marriage, and Funerals.
This includes the preparation for Diocesan and Provincial Synods in 2016 on the Pastoral Care of Anglicans in Civil Partnerships and the related review of the Church’s stance on homosexual relations.
We also need to revisit our work (and our synod resolutions) on the environment.
While we are still tying down the subjects and dates and the presenters, we will tackle these issues in the mid-year monthly meetings.
Please therefore note the following:
Thursday  2 April 0800: Chrism Eucharist and Renewal of Clergy Vows, Transfiguration, Eldorado Park
Tuesday  12 May  1600               Clergy meeting, Walkerville
Tuesday  9 June    1600              Clergy meeting, Walkerville
Tuesday  14 July   1600              Clergy meeting, Walkerville
Tuesday  11 August   1600        Clergy meeting, Walkerville
Tuesday  8 September 1600    Clergy meeting, Walkerville
5-9 October  RETREAT   La Verna
Tuesday  10 November  1600  Clergy meeting, Walkerville
Wednesday 16 December CHRISTMAS LUNCH (for those who have attended all meetings above)