‘The Birthday is Here!’

The Diocese of Christ the King turns 25 in 2015.

We will be celebrating throughout the year, starting on Valentine’s Day Saturday 14 February somewhere in the north of the Diocese, when the Archbishop will preach and celebrate at a thanksgiving eucharist at the time of the anniversary of our Inauguration.

During Lent we will have a series of events at archdeaconry level to try to consolidate the new archdeaconry communities following the drastic reshuffle ordered by Synod.

Whenever we have a chance we will continue blessing pieces of land and new buildings which mark the physical growth of the Diocese – from 22 congregations in 1990 to almost double that number today. Our schools, institutions and guilds will all be caught up in the process.

The party will culminate in at least one further major event at the time of the Christ the King Festival in November, somewhere in the south of the Diocese.


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Plans are in hand for the Celebration Eucharist with Archbishop Thabo on Saturday 14 February 2015.

The service will be at the Church of the Transfiguration in Eldorado Park and seats will be distributed to each parish by ticket. Parishes which have still not sent in their statistics for 2013 will be given the minimum because we have no evidence of their size; you have until Diocesan Council to rectify this.

Synod instructed us to restructure our archdeaconries so that we could make relationships across all the communities in our Diocese. This will require some commitment and effort from all of us. The new system will be inaugurated at Diocesan Council and the new Archdeacons licensed there.

4 Pastoral tours

Between Ash Wednesday and Pentecost, Bishop Peter will make 4 pastoral tours to establish the new archdeaconries, with a central event in each one preceded by pastoral visits to each parish or school in the archdeaconry.

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