The 25 Year Celebration Service - 14 February 2015

The long awaited day by many from the Diocese of Christ the King had come the 14th of February 2015, for celebrating 25 years since it was founded and growing within the realm of Christ and the place to be was The Church of the Transfiguration at Eldorado Park. With many people coming from the different spheres of the Diocese, the different people that came to the service of celebration had different reasons why they attended, but most people were keen on seeing the Archbishop T. Makgoba.

The color coded invitation system worked well as a number of people were ushered to their seats according to the color of the invitation ticket.  Anyone and everyone that had an invitation ticket was there, from the Archbishop, Bishops, Clergy and their Spouses, Lay ministers, Servers, Mothers Union, Bernard Mizeki, Mary Magdalene guild, Youth and congregants with tickets. As per the invitation most people were seated by 09:30am and the service commenced at 10:00am. The procession started from the street with the Mizeki guild leading the procession and as expected they did not disappoint with the singing and getting bodies moving.

The service began with the welcoming from Bishop P.J. Lee to everyone who had attended the service soon followed by a greeting from the Graced Archbishop T. Makgoba. The service was led by Dean Maureen and the appointed readings were Jeremiah 23: 1-6 as the 1st reading, Psalm 132: 1-12, 2nd reading Revelations 1: 4b-8 and the Gospel from John 18: 33:37. Then followed a sermon by his Grace the Most Reverend T. Makgoba and he talked/shared more about the presiding Bishop of the Diocese of Christ the King (Reverend Bishop P.J Lee). The outstanding work he has done in this Diocese,

1) Growing the Diocese,

2) growing the people of God spiritually,

3) being the longest serving Bishop at this Diocese showing the kind of love and passion he has,

4) the role he plays in education is major, as he has different roles to do/work on e.g. he is a chairperson and member of executive in different organizations with a common goal being “Education”. 

Bishop P.J. Lee thrives at anything he puts his mind on and he has passion with youth and children. Following the insightful sermon, were the 2 senior Clergy to pray prayers of the church.

After the prayers we were entertained with Liturgical Dance - a celebration service is not much of a celebration without a bit of entertainment. The Archbishop shared the peace and proceeded to the marquee to mingle with the extended congregation. Soon after having received the peace was the Eucharist, the communion was shared to the multitude of people that were there from inside the church and the marquee. Next was the cutting of the birthday cake which was done by the Archbishop’s and the Bishop’s spouses.

The celebration service was well executed; the organizing committee and the different teams that organized for the service to be a success did an outstanding job. The teams worked like a well-oiled machine.

But it is not over yet as we are still awaiting for the mother of all celebrations to be held in November where anyone and everyone is invited to celebrate the Diocese's 25th anniversary, more info will follow in due time.

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