The Diocesan Registrar 

George Huntley 1944-2015

We are saddened by the loss of our Diocesan Registrar, who was a regular and active member of the parish of Christ the King, Mondeor, and one who loved and served his God well.  

We are very appreciative of all the expertise, forthrightness and intellect that Mr Huntley brought to the diocese and his local parish. 

Mr Huntley retired from his work at City of Joburg in 2009 and devoted himself to the building of our new church in Mondeor.  He was appointed the Project Manager and did so par excellence. His long term experience in the Department of Housing, his familiarity with by laws that govern buildings, and his contact with personnel in town planning and architecture made what could have been a nightmare, an easy task of building our church. We are most grateful to his on-the-job and financial contribution towards the building progress.

The 25 Year Celebration Service - 14 February 2015

The long awaited day by many from the Diocese of Christ the King had come the 14th of February 2015, for celebrating 25 years since it was founded and growing within the realm of Christ and the place to be was The Church of the Transfiguration at Eldorado Park. With many people coming from the different spheres of the Diocese, the different people that came to the service of celebration had different reasons why they attended, but most people were keen on seeing the Archbishop T. Makgoba.