Consecration of the new Bishop - 25 February 2017

New Bishop!

Bishop_William_MostertIt is with great pleasure that we announce that the Revd Canon William Mostert has been elected as the new Bishop of the Diocese of Christ the King.  See the official letter here.


GWP25415Anglicans Ablaze photos online!

We are happy to announce that the official photos for Anglicans Ablaze 2016 are now available online at . You can search for the photos by day, and they are free to download. 

 If you attended the conference, we know that you will enjoy looking at the photos. If you were not able to come, perhaps seeing the conference through pictures will wet your appetite to attend future Anglicans Ablaze conferences. Furthermore, you do not want to miss seeing Fr Trevor Pearce’s talk at the closing Eucharist on “the Unstoppable Church.” Since this talk took place on the last day of the conference, the video was not included in the conference DVD set. You can watch the talk at  And please do not forget that the 12-set conference DVD’s are available for purchase for R450. Be sure to place an order. The DVD’s are great for small group studies. If you missed the conference, the adult and youth plenary talks and the workshops are included in the DVD set, so why not enjoy the conference through the videos? GWP26856 0In the near future, we will be sharing some more videos with you. In the meantime, happy photo viewing and sharing via your social networks.

Many blessings,

The Anglicans Ablaze Team

#FeesMustFall - a call for critical engagement

Below you will find a link to a theological document, endorsed by, among others, our very own Archbishop Thabo Makgoba.

The document, ‘A call for critical engagement – study document’, should not be seen as conclusive but as an invitation to an ongoing conversation.

Since Monday some of the endorsers made critical and important contributions. In addition to what the Call currently articulates, we acknowledge that further attention should be given to the facts that:

  • the church is present on all campuses in the widest sense of the word – management, lecturers, workers, students and security staff – and we acknowledge our pastoral responsibility to care for everyone equally in a time of conflict, tension, polarization and uncertainty;
  • the Call in its current format does not speak adequately and directly enough to government – calling it to provide leadership at a time such as this and to cease from fuelling further polarization.

We also realize that much of what is contained in this Call needs deeper collective reflection and the diverse insights of both those who have endorsed it and many others who did not yet have a chance. Therefore this is an invitation to go on deep journeys together in times to come.

Here's the link: A Call for Critical Engagement - Study Document